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Knowing that TRP is a member of the infamous Lobster Theremin family, one could expect him to use a certain set of ingredients for his compositions. To some extent, yes, this is correct. However, all of his tracks, both on LT and Shall not Fade, manage to evoke an unmistakably distinct feeling, deriving from a harmonius convergence of airy laid-backness and an uplifting, consistent knock-on effect. Percussive or melodic interplays, subtly highlighted and modulated, captivate the listener’s attention, expand the suspense and make sure that the evolving track, despite all tailwinds, never loses its grip. TRP’s skillful way of sonic coordination finds further and particular proof in his magnetic, emotive remixes (e.g. for Huerco S., Route 8 or Realitycheck) and his unerringly coherent DJ sets.