Boston 168 is a laboratory of sound crafting: Sergio Pace and Vincenzo Ferramosca are two electronic researchers, who have spent years working on vivisecting sound in order to create new solutions for the techno substance. In 2010 the two young producers co-found Old and Young label: a combination of the experience of Gambo with their fresh point of view in order to redefine the basis of techno. The two young producers start working on their live set: as a result, they irradiate with cosmic warmth the dawns in warehouses, ex-industries and clubs, taking their audience on techno voyages at traditional speed, looking for new gravity spaces and sound blackholes. The feedback of the international techno community is huge: Boston 168 publish on different labels such as Enemy, Involve, Oddeven.


It was in 2002 when two 15 year old friends from Georgia (Greenbeam – Achi Tabukashvili, Leon- Levan Lolishvili) started composing electronic music. Few years later, their first Minimal Techno tracks came out on different Net labels. By that time, their DJ-ing career was already quite successful.

Moreover, at the same time they decided to begin a new project called AUTUMN TREE and under this name, merging new music movements and diverse influences including: Electronica, Experimental, House, Dub and Downtempo.
At the end of the year of 2008, at the Electronic Music Awards, they were nominated and received title: “The Best Musicians of the Year – Electronauts”

The main characteristic of the music composed by Greenbeam and Leon centers around dark and groovy sonority, playful rhythm and dim sound.


Born and educated in Rome, the young Italian producer Luigi Tozzi was strongly influenced by the roman scene and its local artists, many of whom gave a crucial contribution to the birth and growth of the deep techno sound. Luigi’s music has so far been released on the established label Dynamic Reflection as well as setting a regular cooperation with the very promising and mysterious techno label Hypnus Records from Sweden, where he found a platform that inspired him to develop his style. Melting the tribal and hypnotic elements of techno with the atmospheric and emotional side of ambient music he is making his own path in the world of electronics. Recently this has gotten him in contact with Dino Sabatini which led to the opportunity to join Outis Music that has released well known artists such as Modern Heads, Brando Lupi, Donato Dozzy among others.


Ladouka Ninua is one of the most prominent local musicians in Georgia. At the age of 13, he started playing in different bands as a guitar and bass-guitar player. Later, in 2014, Ladouka Ninua started a successful project, Oimactta and released two EP albums: Bad Trips and Tractarent. In the local electronic musical award, Electronauts, Oimactta won the two prizes: Best EP album of the year (2015) and Best Live Act (2016).  In 2016, Ladouka Ninua started two new projects: OTHR – a techno project and SEVDA, a house project, in 2017, he plans to release the EP albums for both projects.


Born and breed in Santander (North of Spain), his first contact with Electronic music comes from 90´s UK sounds that lately will make a fundamental role as his influences and inspiration. In 2000 he moves to Barcelona and soon starts experimenting with electronic music creation, using software and becoming part of the Agony Forces Project (from 2006 to 2013). In 2007 he starts his primary project: P.E.A.R.L. releasing the first EP in Christian Wünsch’s Tsunami Label, followed by several releases under various aliases like RHEA for the cult label Semantica Records or Basqiam on the American label Detroit Underground. In 2012 he moves to Berlin and one year after feels the need for having his own imprint founding Falling Ethics Records, first as an outlet for his own productions and lately opening the doors to other creators.

During this period he releases works for essential labels like Warm Up Recordings, Float Records, 47 Recordings, PoleGroup or Transhuman Records and also his cooperation with Marcel Heese as PMH.


Phase Fatale has performed heavily throughout the world with his extended DJ sets and cathartic live performances. He released two EPs in 2016 on Jealous God and presented a live collaboration with Silent Servant during the label’s showcase at Berlin Atonal. These events were followed up with an EP on Unterton, the sublabel of Berghain’s imprint Ostgut Ton. Released to coincide with his regular appearances at the Berlin nightclub, the Anubis 12’’ continues to delve into Payne’s penchant for combining post-industrial textures with techno rhythms. In Fall 2017, Hospital Productions will release Phase Fatale’s first full length album, Redeemer, along with an extended mix 12’’ of edits created together with Silent Servant. Redeemer expands upon Payne’s multitude of influences and pushes them further, deeper and harder than ever before, laying the groundwork for new mutations in electronic music.


Gabriel Cassina, better known as Regal, rapidly shot to the forefront of the techno
spectrum in 2012, after releasing productions met with widespread critical acclaim by the european techno scene.

Originally of Italian heritage and currently based in Spain, Regal’s career had
brought him to Berlin also where he expanded his artist profile and got involved in
techno at an international level. He is one of the youngest Spanish artists to have
played at Berghain, widely regarded as the techno church and one of the greatest
clubs in the world. Regal has played also at the mythical Tresor, Mondo and Factory
010 as well as in cities like Tel Aviv and Tbilisi.


Roman was born in 1983 in Soviet Tbilisi. Since his childhood he was fond of vinyls and he spent much time in listening to music. In formation of his music sensibility profound effect had such artists and bands as Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim, Moby and many others.
He started playing in different clubs in Tbilisi since 2013. From 2017 he is a resident DJ at KHIDI.
Last year he has released his first track on Georgian Label Icontrax on compilation with other Georgian Artists such as Berika, Newa and Skyra.


What does London, Birmingham and Tbilisi have in common? Apart from a relentless techno scene manifesting itself deep in each city, Stephanie Sykes is the binding force holding well earned residencies across all three locations. Providing the hardest of techno for the loyal ravers of London’s Jaded after-hours party, Birmingham’s Atomic Jam and Tbilisi’s revolutionary KHIDI club, Sykes is quickly becoming a renowned global figure amongst those who like their techno hard, fast and with an ‘in it for the long run’ approach to raving.

Over ten years ago Sykes taught herself to mix with dusty techno and electronic records before delving into production at Manchester’s Midi School. Determined to learn more, it was here that Sykes developed her own style and significant sound.