House Rules

  • KHIDI is a club for people to feel free and to enjoy music without fear of harassment or discrimination. We welcome diversity among our visitors and work to create a safe space for everyone present.
  • KHIDI expects our visitors to be respectful and open towards others regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and age. We reserve the right to remove visitors from the club who do not abide by these rules and display aggressive, homophobic and sexist behavior.
  • Sexual harassment is not tolerated at our club. If you experience or witness any form of harassment, please report it to our staff. Our staff is instructed to ensure the safety of our guests. Remember, if it is not wanted, it is harassment.
  • When entering KHIDI you agree to be searched upon arrival.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring any liquids into the club.
  • KHIDI likes to see its visitors in personal and characteristic clothing and considers it important that they feel free to wear whatever they want. However, suits and uniforms are not part of the club’s dress code and can be a basis of refusal at the door.
  • In order to protect the privacy of our guests we kindly request that our guests do not to take any pictures and we appreciate if you put your phone away when you are at the dance floor.
  • KHIDI’s lighting can be dangerous for people suffering from epilepsy or has a history of seizures. KHIDI is not liable for any harm or distress this may cause.
  • KHIDI is not responsible for items lost in the club.